An Giang

A few steps from the Cambodian border, the market town of Chau Doc stretches along the banks of the Mekong. It brings together a large community Khmer, Chinese and Cham.
His businessis based primarily onfish farming.More marginally, many householdsstillspend workingsilk,especially inTan Chau District.
AroundChauDoc, many families traditionally liveon the riveraboardfloatinghousesthatare hunginlargepotswhichare raisedfish.

Places of Worship
Chau PhuTemple was raised in 1926, in memory of Thoai Ngoc Hau(1761-1829), a high dignitary of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The church of Chau Doc stands near the dock Phu Hiep.
The city also has several mosques which gathers the Cham Muslim community in the region. Among them, Chau Giang Mosque and the Mubarak on the other side of the river.

Sam Mountain
A 6 km from Chau Doc and only 2 kilometers from the Cambodian border, Mount Sam, Sam Mountain, contains a hundred pagodas and temples, some huddled dips caves. His ascension offers a sumptuous view of the entire region.

Tay An Pagoda
Founded in 1847 and rebuilt in 1958, Tay An Pagoda is renowned for its fine hundreds of wooden statuettes. At the crossroads of Hindu and Islamic influences, she stands behind a portico style vietnam ¬ mine, whose double roof is decorated with small statues of lions and dragons, chrysanthemums and lotus flowers. The site houses a statue of Quan Am Thi Kinh, guardian of the Mother and Child, other Buddha and Graves monks.

Temple of the goddess Chua Xu
Originally built of bamboo and foliage, the temple of the goddess Chua Xu was rebuilt in 1972. It stands beside the Tay An Pagoda Once a year, the 23rd to 26th day of the 4th lunar month, the temple became a place of pilgrimage.
Legend has it that one day robbers wanted to steal the statue of the goddess Chua Xu erected atop Mount Sam For some unknown force, statue never ceased to rise gradually as looters away so they had to abandon. Found by villagers, it was decided to bring the village. The goddess Chua Xu then appeared, and declared that only forty virgins could raise the statue, which was done. They prolonged their efforts until the statue became extraordinarily heavy, they could no longer move. The village council in therefore concluded that it was precisely here that the goddess wanted his statue is installed.

Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb
The Mausoleum of Thoai Ngoc Hau is located in front Chua Xu temple. Senior official in the service of the Nguyen dynasty, Thoai Ngoc Hau (1761-1829), he was the first to clear the area and there to dig canals. Before his death he ordered his tomb to be erected at the foot of Sam He was buried with his two wives in this area. Pilgrims pay homage every year during the sixth lunar month.

Cave Pagoda
Chua Hang Pagoda is built on Mount Sam The main shrine contains sta ¬ A Di Da killed and Thich Ca Buddha and a small cave at the bottom of which stands an altar dedicated to Quan The Am Bo Tat , the Goddess of Mercy.
The Cao Dai is a sect founded in 1926 by Ngo Van Chieu, modest official of the French administration. Ngo Van Chieu had a revelation of the spirit of Cao Dai who appeared to him in the form of a large open eye. This monotheistic religion is a syncretism surprising almost all world religions.
The Holy See of the sect was 4 km from Tay Ninh. This site is very new, its construction began in the thirties. Historical interest is limited, however, we believe it is a true masterpiece extravagant work of kitsch art. It provokes the curiosity of many tourists who visit this website, sometimes to the fascination of some..

Long Xuyen
The prosperous capital of the province of An Giang, Long Xuyen is a senior centers Hoa Hao sect, founded in 1939.On the banks of the river are extensive plantations of guava, jackfruit, mango, banana, durian, longan, mangosteenand plum.
There are various places of worship, including a modern church and a Protestant church and a small museum displays photographs and personal belongings of former President Ton DucThang, and traces the modern history ofthe region.
From Long Xuyen, visitors descendthe Mekong by boat to reach the island OngHo (Mr. Tiger), within the municipality of My Hoa Hung, homeland of the late President Ton DucThang. According to local residents, this island was once an area covered with reeds,which was a refuge fortigers and panthers. Soillater became more fertile alluvium through the posterior branch of the Mekong(Song Hau) and thus favored the settlement of immigrants. However, we continueto call the island Mr.Tiger(Cu Lao Ong Ho).

Floating MarketLongXuyen:

Discover the most authentic floating market in the region, in the morning, boat or motor boat. It is a feast of colors, smells and tastes that bring togetherthe rural population to exchange their products(fruits,vegetablesand handicrafts), but also local often living in isolated places: A great show an authentic cultural experience



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