General booking conditions

The terms and conditions described below are an integral part of any contract for services concluded between a client, person or entity (commonly referred to below as the "Customer") and, (hereinafter referred to as "Lana Tour"). The conclusion by the customer of a contract, whether written or oral, with Lana Tour implies that the customer has read, understood and voluntarily acceded to these terms and conditions of sale. Partnership contracts between Lana Tour agency and foreign travel agency are subject, meanwhile, to special conditions negotiated and agreed between the parties.

Lana tour commit to the client all the benefits listed specifically in the travel program established by mutual agreement with the latter.
Lana Tour is willing to provide, if necessary, certain services related to the specific request of the client, such as obtaining a visa to enter Vietnam and logistics preparation activities not included in the program, subject if applicable, a supplement.

Validity of prices
The proposed rates are valid for the period specified by Lana Tour in pricing on the invoice or other document given to the client.
During the period of their validity, these rates may not be a readjustment in the hardship cases, i.e. cases where, due to unpredictable environmental change of the contract ( significant fluctuations in the exchange rate, newly enacted tax, VAT increase, significant increase in transport costs, etc ...), Lana Tour may not realize the travel program correctly the initial rates. In these cases, a substantiated request for adjustment must be made in Lana Tour to the customer who can either accept or reject it. In case of refusal by the customer, Lana Tour reserves the right to cancel the program, his responsibility to refund the customer the deposit he had paid without bank charges.

Reservation and Deposit
If the customers wishe to book, they have to confirm its agreement to the person in charge of their trip dossier, advising the proposed travel program they want to book. They will be invited to complete a booking form and send back it to Lana Tour. Lana Tour then proceed to booking all services noted in the program and reserves the right to propose alternatives equivalent in case of unavailability of one or more provided services(accommodation, domestic flights, train ... ).
Once all reservations are made, the final program of the trip will be sent to the client who has in that time to pay for Lana Tour a deposit of 25% of total tour price, as detailed by the person in charge of his tour.
Occasionally, the payment of a higher deposit may be required when booking at the last minute or in the high season, depending on the particular demands of some hotels or airlines.
Unless previously agreed with Lana Tour, any failure to pay the deposit within 15 days of receipt of the final program by the customer may result the cancellation of all booked services. The order will be considered as canceled by the customer and the provisions referred to in subparagraph 7 will apply.

Payment of balance
Unless otherwise stated from Lana Tour, the customers have to pay the balance of the tour from the beginning of trip. The customer may nevertheless, if desired, to settle before beginning of their the journey.
In case of breach of the obligation to pay the balance within the above conditions, the order will be deemed as canceled by the customer and the provisions referred to in subparagraph 7 are applicable.

Payment modalities
Lana Tour accepts payment in Euros, U.S. Dollars or Vietnamese Dong.

a. Security online payment:
The customer can pay by credit card via a secure online payment system , with 4 % bank at his own expense .

b. Bank transfer:
The customer can also pay by bank transfer . Bank details Lana Tour will be provided to the customer at the conclusion of the contract of service. Bank charges, determined by the customer's bank and the Lana Tour are the responsibility of the customer.

c. Credit Card:
Payment by credit card via an electronic payment terminal, more commonly known as " card machine " is only possible to settle the balance of the trip. Accepted the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. Payment is made at Lana Tour office in Hanoi, with bank fees charged to the client. Unless otherwise Lana Tour, these costs amounted to 3% of the amount for Visa and MasterCard cards, 4 % for American Express.

d. Payment in cash:
Cash payments are made at Lana Tour office.
Unlike other modes, the cash payment is not subject to any fee.

Modification of booking

a. Modification by the client
The client may request the amendment of the order at any time, upon payment to Lana Tour costs may be caused by modification. Lana Tour is obliged to respond to such requests with the utmost diligence, subject to the availability of services required.
The postponement of the arrival date is considered a modification.
Reducing the number of participants is not considered a change. It will involve the application of cancellation penalties for participants who unsubscribe and revaluation rates for the remaining participants.

Modification by Lana Tour
Lana Tour reserves the right to modify the services included in the final program of travel in the following cases:

- The amendment is warranted due to a force majeure event. In this case, the change may incur additional charges payable by the customer or delivered to the Lana Tour charge.
- The amendment is necessary to ensure client safety and /or quality of travel. In these cases, the additional costs may be incurred are the responsibility of Lana Tour.

Cancellation of the tour

a. Cancellation by the Client
In any case the trip is canceled, the customer must pay penalties that match:

i) 5% of the total trip cost if cancellation reaches Lana Tour within less than 45 days before the commencement of the voyage ;
ii) 10% of the total trip cost if cancellation reaches Lana Tour 31 to 45 days before the commencement of the voyage ;
iii) 15% of the total trip cost if cancellation reaches Lana Tour from 15 to 30 days before the commencement of the voyage ;
iv) 20% of the total trip cost if cancellation reaches Lana Tour from 8 to 14 days before the commencement of the voyage ;
v) 25% of the total trip cost if cancellation reaches Lana Tour within 7 days prior to travel;

In case of cancellation of a trip that had been a postponement, penalties are 25% of the total price of the trip, regardless of the cancellation period.
If cancellation is made prior to payment of the deposit, an invoice is sent to the customer who is liable to pay damages under the above conditions, also shown on the estimate accepted by the customer.
If cancellation is made later to the payment of the deposit, Lana Tour will withdraw the penalties on the deposit paid by the customer. Lana Tour refund to the client the remaining amount, if applicable, by bank transfer to the customer bear all bank charges.

Obligation/ Insurance
Before starting on his journey, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that it meets the demands required in terms of:

- Passport (minimum validity of six months after the return, at least two blank pages, children, etc. . )
- Fitness, vaccinations, preventive treatments ...
- Visa (Required for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia).

Lana Tour may, upon request, assist the client in the process of obtaining a visa.
Anyone who participates in a trip organized by Lana Tour must take out international travel insurance cover at least medical expenses and repatriation. This insurance is in principle given by the agency to the client ticket agents when purchasing international airfare. The details of the insurer and the number of the client's insurance policy must be communicated to Lana Tour before starting the journey.
During the trip, the traveler must follow the rules announced by the guide or any other Lana Tour staff. These rules are to ensure client safety and quality of the travel program.
Lana Tour commit to provide on-site all the assistance required and useful to the client in the case of an incident covered by insurance occur, particularly to assist the client in the administrative formalities with local authorities and the insurer.

Limitation and liability
Lana Tour commit to provide the clients with all the services agreed with them and included in the travel program.
The customer remains responsible for all his actions any activity that it does not fall within the travel program or any violation of the law of the host country on its part are not the responsibility of Lana Tour. Any cancellation of travel plans because of trouble with the law deprive the customer of any right to a refund from Lana Tour
Lana Tour is accountable to the client as an intermediary between it and the various service providers(airlines, hotels, airlines, restaurants, boats,..) and as such should ensure a certain quality services, but Lana Tour can not be confused with the various providers, which, in any event , retain their own responsibility.
Lana Tour can under no circumstances be held liable for an event that would report a case of force majeure responsibility.

Complaints and Dispute Resolution
Any complaint regarding the achievement of a benefit under the program should be addressed in writing to Lana Tour within a maximum period of 20 days from the end of the trip.
However, most problems can be solved quickly if Lana Tour is aware, any dispute between the client and Lana Tour must be set up on priority through amicable negotiation
In case Lana Tour decide to make compensatory payments to a customer, they could not in any case exceed the cost of air travel charged off by Lana Tour. This case applies only if the entire course of the trip went wrong and the customer has withdrawn any satisfaction.
In all other cases, Lana Tour reserves the right to offer or not compensation at its discretion .
If no amicable solution is found, the state court of the place of performance of the contract will be considered only competent to decide.



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